When a girl takes control
The cutie lured the guys into her newly decorated bedroom and they had a totally different picture of what's to come in mind. The two silly fuckheads ended up licking the young lady's feet at her command, and, oh dear god, having sex with each other! This is what happens when a kinky girl is in charge.

Staying down and pleasing them
The Dominas, tall, beautiful and unreachable, were towering upon him in a perfectly menacing way. He knew that as long as he stayed down obeying their orders he'll be fine. Still, they whipped and trampled him into a sore mess while he was trying real hard worshipping their holes.

Kinky minds think alike
The guy thought maybe if he wasn't the only sub things would not get too serious for him. Wrong! Pulled and pushed around by these two lovely nylon-clad Mistresses, the female and male bottoms had to go through all sorts of humiliation, ending up as a pair of mindless, speechless animals!

All red, hurting and screaming
Sometimes the Mistress wants to go all the way and there's nothing you can do about it. This guy here, maybe he didn't even want to! With two Dominas like this, naked and gorgeous, using him as a speechless object of their perversions, he didn't care it hurt like hell - especially his ass!

Worshipping her heels and ass
Chained to the ladder, he was his Mistress' loyal dog. Everybody would be, just look at how beautiful, strong-willed and sophisticated she is. She had him lick away at her nyloned feed and mouth the high heels clean, before she had another task for his tongue. Well, licking was the only thing he was good for anyway...

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